The End of the Open

The last 5 weeks our community was given an unbiased assessment……. I’ll come back to this in a bit!

One of the perks I love embracing as Margaux’s significant other, is burrowing myself into a corner at the current Level 1 Seminar she is a part of, on any particular weekend. This morning at ZooTown CrossFit, before I made my way to the coffee shop I am currently sitting in, I stood behind a counter at the gym and listened to the FlowMaster share his passion, the doctrine, intensity, power, constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity etc. Todd is amazing, and so is anyone and everyone I have come across who help pass along this well articulated and beautiful thought out content. I always feel hopeful when I briefly step in on these Level- 1 Seminars, an environment that holds eager adherents, teacher and students, ready to pledge a war on sedentary living and chronic disease. It has been almost a decade since I found this world of CrossFit, a time where I have NOT learned enough, NOT met enough people, and a time where I certainly have NOT lost any love or appreciation for what this community does daily around the world.

While I have come to find a way to tone down my excitement when speaking of this passion of mine, so to not be accused of speaking zealot filled rhetoric to newcomers, I’m still passionately engaged in helping anyone who wants to break the current sugar and desk bound bondage they face. It is time and only time that has sheltered me with patience to suppress the arguments I hear of how a squat is bad for the body, while the same people who argue this so routinely sit down below parallel on a chair to stare at a screen for hours in order to pay for a meal saturated in simple sugars. The sad state of our society, is how far it has distanced itself from our bio and neuroendocrine make up, to embrace the Joneses. Too much protein is toxic for our kidneys I have been told with such certainty but little evidence, all while these very same people are downing 100 grams of sugars in their coffee or soda they are addicted to on a daily basis.

In a blink of an eye, 6 Opens and 2 sectionals have come and gone, the weights got heavier and the times faster, just as the battles to protect our community including a fight on ACSM, Coke, Gatorade and Hyponatremia played out. What was Coach doing attacking Coke, we thought a couple years ago, then the truth began surfacing, he is protecting us. With links of GEBN and EIM, Coke and ACSM all surfacing, thanks to The Russels (read them) the behind the corruptions are being exposed, with as much clarity as the Tap Water Coke uses to help its 9.91 billion dollar revenue last quarter. The corruption evades reality and finds a way to steer people in the wrong direction.

In fact, it is in the last 60 minutes that I have sat here in this very popular coffee shop typing this, I have seen obesity, ancanthosis nigricans, shortness of breath, diabetic neuropathy, and gait disturbances all in a variety of customers who leave with sugar rich drinks in hand, that I remind myself how important our community of CrossFit is. In my decade, I have witnessed the growth of our culture, the expansion of belief, the standards continuously raised and I am seeing more and more the prevention of disease and the understanding of what health really is, thanks again to CrossFit. Chest to bar pull ups, burpees, thrusters, hypoxia and exercise induced acidosis all leave a member wanting more, intoxicated around friends all while bettering their health regardless of age or ability. It is in this, I find hope and am excited to see what another decade will yield. I find hope for our children, and hope these lessons will permeate to their schools, and they will once again be asked to work. I find hope on so many levels because this prescription of, “Constantly Varied Functional Movements Performed at High Intensity,” works!

The last 5 weeks our community was given an unbiased assessment, ranking us among thousands of like minded individuals eager to be a better version of themselves. We have been challenged by our community leaders and one year from now we will again be asked to continue this ritual. The importance is not in the results but in the process, it is in the experiences, in the recruitment and in helping others that we thrive. On Monday we take the next step to become a better version of ourselves, and we will repeat this again daily. As CrossFit teaches us, while our Fitness improves so does our level of health, bone density, blood sugars normalize, blood pressure fall to within normal levels, resting heart rates drop, depression clears up  and so on all because we all decide to take another class, and take another step forward. This should be the most important thing you are taking away from another OPEN. You are a member of a cause, by simply doing what you love, you are helping prevent chronic disease, you are CrossFit!

Be proud of your score, embrace it and challenge yourself to improve next year. While 99.99% of us are putting the Sport of CrossFit to rest today,  we are only beginning to see what our bodies are capable of being Tomorrow!


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