Rules for Team Entropy

First of all,

I just want to remind you all how proud I am, and how honored I am to have been a part of this last year. Few people have been able to witness the amount of hard work, dedication and tears you have invested to this goal. All of you have found great inspiration from your support system, who have also invested a great deal of themselves! They all have unselfishly supported this goal while supporting you, which has made this journey even more pleasant!

We are a team of equal minded individuals in search of a common goal, and in this journey our process has shown me more than any AMRAP will ever show. We are not defined by pull ups, chest to bars, hspu, calorie rows, or muscle ups, but rather how we treat others and how we choose to inspire. Our sport is a branch of a bigger picture, and bigger purpose!


We as a community are building the most effective foundation in combating chronic sedentary diseases such as diabetes II, and we fight to promote a better quality of life without the promotion of pharmaceutical sales. It is in a very holistic plan of exercise and nutrition that we see many success stories, we hear of weight loss, and the very enthusiastic claims of no longer taking blood pressure medications, that continue my love for this community.

That is the BIG PICTURE

There will be a lot of firsts for a lot of people in the next 5 weeks. The first OPEN, first muscle up, first box jump, first chest to bar, first double under, or the first time anyone has cheered me on! This again is the big picture. Do Not let those moments pass you by because of a score, time, or weight.

In saying all that, I do realize this is a competition and we did all agree to compete for that common goal of being one in 40 that make it to Carson.

Dave will expose us all.

Rule #1

Respect your competitors and your weaknesses.

BE Accountable and understand that every competitor comes to this competition with a different history and training plan. A collegiate swimmer for example who is no longer seen as a collegiate swimmer, still has years of shoulder stamina, that a runner may not have, meaning the runner will have to work harder on the chest to bar pull up and muscle up. A gymnast may find it easier to be inverted, and that same runner who struggled on the pull up bar may find better success in recovery than the gymnast. Comparing others to yourself is toxic and will do very little to the real enemy, “your weaknesses.”

The next 5 weeks is a nonbiased test that will give us more of an assessment of how far we have come and how far we need to go. Within the data lies a ton of opportunities to improve on a ton of things, and rather than focusing on a score, focus on attacking those weaknesses. BE PATIENT!

Rule # 2

“I can do better IF I do this!” will not be tolerated.

Bill Parcels, a famous NFL coach, would frequently say, “you are what your record says you are.” This is true when we look at our competitive world. Saying I Could of gone faster, or I could have done X, if I would done this, is pointless. Just go in, take the test, assess the performance by reviewing the work, and move on either by repeating the test with corrections at a later time, or not. In other words do not assume anything instead prove everything. Get rid of any excuses that are dying to come out, you will not have the opportunity to try the workout twice at regionals. Yes, you will have the opportunity to practice the work out for Regionals, and yes you can look at your first attempt at any OPEN work out as practice for the next attempt, but needing validation for a score is a waste of time. Simply put, “PERFORM.”

Rule #3

Be objective on your performance when reviewing it.

This means video taping every work out and looking at resting times, transition times, and understand your pacing strategies. Do not repeat the same strategy if you decide to repeat the test, rarely will you improve your score. Quantify the performance rather than subjectively assuming something.


Rule #4

Rest Thursday, Test Friday, train for regionals Fri after open work out, Sat, and Sun, then retest Mon if needed!

This is a process, and to get to the games you can not lose time in the OPEN. Give it 100 percent attention, be accountable to the OPEN, prepare then execute, review your work and move on! IF we decide statistically we need to redo this test, we can rest on Sunday if need be, but we will Train for MAY.

Rule #5

Enjoy the Journey, ignore the leaderboard!

The next 5 weeks are going to be stressful, and some people will make the experience nauseating, do not become one of those people. Ignore those people, stay true to who you are and remember the BIG PICTURE is always more important. Your coach should know what numbers are needed to move on to the next phase of this competition, trust your coach!


HAVE FUN  BE PROUD, leave no doubts!

Super Proud of you all, thank you for the YEAR!



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