Macro Calculator

  1. Decide your activity level.
    1. Not active means  just that, for whatever reason you are not doing any cardio.
    2. Active means you are doing at least an hour of aerobic work.
    3. MetCon 1x a Day
    4. Competitor means you are in the gym lifting doing more than the average.
    5. Elite Competitor - You are following Margaux's online programming.
  2. Enter your DESIRED weight.
  3. Click calculate

This will give you our best guesstimate of what your Macro breakdown should be. If you fall into 1 or 2, we feel you might benefit more from a low carb diet, that consumes 100 grams or less a day. Feel free to contact us with any questions on ketogenic diets.

We do not suggest Competitors or Elite Competitors should cut back calories or Macros at any time. This is for performance and in performing in this sport you need the fuel. Eat, Work Hard, and Repeat.


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