Life coach – qualities that I value

Over the past six years, I have worked with a life coach in numerous aspects in my life. We have worked together and discussed career paths, family and friend relationships, past personal events and possible future endeavors in life. I have grown so much as an individual and have come to really appreciate all the work we have done together.
We have talked about qualities that I value in myself and qualities that I look for in people that I want in my life. 
Respect, honesty, integrity, trust, loyalty, equality, family, humor, communication, open-mindedness, love, affection, friendship. 
Competition, wisdom, challenge, intelligence, beauty, productivity, hope, achievement/success, discipline, strength, service, teamwork, courage. 
Independence, freedom, happiness, simplicity, curiosity, quality, power, diversity, health, growth, variety. 
These all play into who I am as a person and in life. I am attracted to individuals and I like to surround myself with those who emulate these characteristics. 
What are the qualities that you value? Reflect on what qualities are important to you and surround yourself with others that share those. 
~ Margaux


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