We are releasing a leaderboard which will refresh every day at midnight PST.  We will post all the Events for you to see 3 a day, and if you decide to participate you can register and enter your scores. We will also have the rest of our training for Margaux and Meg available for you all to see free as well the next 4 days. 

If you all are interested in helping us Beta the test just click on membership account –> IF you don’t have an account, you register for free –> then View Profile –> Click Todays assignment and enter work out information. 

(any time sub 10 has to be entered with a 0 first we are working on this gliche)

If you plan on helping us and need to scale any work outs the penalty is 3 minutes per scale so example event 3 

I scale thruster weight and hs walk distance the penalty is 6 minutes 

only thruster weight is scaled penalty is 3 minutes 

1500m row chill pace then 20 sec all out 40 sec chill pace x 8 min

mobilize one hour include first two rounds 3 peg board last two round 2 pegboard + 2 legless rope climbs x 4 rounds in this time

Event 1 

max clean n jerk

Event 2 

10 mu + 25 ghd sit ups + 10 alt kbs snatch 70/53#  x 3 rounds 

(above parallel on snatch)

rest as needed

Event 3 

10 thrusters 185/125 + 20 toes to bar + 150 ft hs walk + 20 toes to bar + 10 thruster for time

rest 1 minute then 

max hs walk distance rest and repeat (not to be documented)

rest as needed 

squat 10/10/10

pendley rows 5/5/5/5/5

rest as needed 

accessory 30 ghd hip extensions + 15 seated leg raises + 7 ring ice cream makers + 30 weighted vest push ups x 4 rounds nft

Thanks for helping us out. 


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