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In 2011 I shook the hand of a very ambitious woman in a country bar who after finding out I also exercised extensively, she instantly proclaimed her goal of making it to the Games. She was gulping the Kool-aid while I was drinking my beer, but something about her passion convinced me that night, how serious she was. I didn’t know at that moment, how drastically my life would change, just as I had no idea 5 years prior to that meeting, how influential a workout involving thrusters and pull ups would be. This website is intended to consolidate minds, to show the Journey of one of the hardest female competitors in this sport, to provide a way for the members to share their experiences, and to show the last steps you take when stepping on the podium, while being the most glorious are only two steps in a million.

The programming we put up will be solely for Margaux Alvarez and is considered high in volume, so we ask you consider scaling or definitely picking based on your needs. We really do not believe in macrocycles, deloads or conventional academic based programming, because we are preparing for the unknown. If along the way, we see a problem, we will address it vigorously, and we recommend you all take the same approach on your particular weaknesses as well. This website will be dynamic, changing as the needs of our community ask for it to change, but we will work hard to provide an environment of comfort and familiarity. The website will include blogs on a variety of topics, Margaux’s day to day nutrition, it will have special guest broadcasts for Q&A, and you will be able not only to compare your times to Margaux but also watch her perform work outs live, critical if you are competing against her this year.

Margaux wants to inspire you as much as she can, she wants to help you achieve your goals. She wants you to know she too had a starting point, where few believed what she proclaimed was possible. She wants you to know she also struggles, she cries, she fails, she is human, all displayed for you to see and in return, she would love to hear your journey, your struggles and thoughts! Sign up now for a free trial and be a part of this 2016 in depth season!


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