First Pull Tips, some work out highlights and Some hand placement on bar MU discussions

TIPS and some workout highlights

Hope this helps some people out there. There is tons of stuff on hollow position on Bar MU so we wanted to talk more about a parkour hand grip on the bar mu versus a wrapping of the bar with glide kip approach.

Alex has been playing around with some editing and is getting better every time so he threw some of today’s highlights on my work outs to include

5 min on 90 sec rest of 10 wallball 30/20 + 12 kb 70/53 + 10 toes to bar + 5 mu x 4 rounds

not included in highlights was another good work out

14 alt db snatch 80/50 + 7 rope climbs x 3 rounds

We got a lot done and not once checked the leaderboard, hope you aren’t living in what others are getting but more what you are getting done.

Hit us up with any questions or comments on either my FaceBook or on IG 321gaux

train hard and JUST GAUX!


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