Daily Programming March 23rd

1k ski erg ( if you dont have a ski erg and weather permits 10 min chill run)

mobilize one hour include 12 ghr + 12 reverse hypers x 4 rounds

split jerk to max

2 power jerks off the blocks + 20 ft hs walk otm x 10 min

10 full snatch tng unbroken rest 2 min x 3  as challenging as possible

10 full clean tng unbroken rest 2 min x3 as challenging as possible

rest as needed

60 ft hs walk + 50 air squats x 4 rounds

rest as needed

500m row + 10 burpee over row x 4 rounds

1k row + 10 thrusters rest 3 min 95/65 x 4

accessory 25 ghd hip extensions + 25 weighted vest push ups + 10 weighted ring dips x 4 rounds


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