Daily Programming March 24th

Not much to decide on this last OPEN work out, hopefully our double under warm ups will give you some confidence knowing that you do nearly as many double unders as this work out requires.

Don’t hold back give the last test everything you have

1k chill row
mobilize one hour
rest as needed
squat jerk to max
3 p clean + 3 s mu( keep trying for 3 until you cant keep up then drop to 2 or 1) otm x 10 min
rest as needed
5 min amrap 4/2 in strict deficit hspu
rest as needed
400m run + 15 c2b rest 90 sec x 6
800m run + max mu rest 2min x 4
1200m run + 20 hspu rest 3 min x 2

rest as needed
15 cal assault bike + 30 wall ball 30/20 + 15 cal row + 30 wall ball + 15 cal ski erg + 30 wall ball for time


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