Daily Community Programming Aug 29th

1500m row chill pace then 20/40 x 5 min

mobilize and prehab romwod and 1 pegboard if available if not do 12 ring rows + 2 legless rope climbs x 4 rounds

*snatch 6×3 – snatch 5×2 – snatch 3×1 (90% on the singles)

*snatch balance 1/1/1/1/1

*clean n jerk 10×2

*squat 10/10/10

50 c2b + 50 wallball 20# + 50 toes to bar

150 ft hs walk for time rest 1 min repeat

*we are working really hard on Margaux’s economy of training, in other words, we are ensuring that all of her squating positions transfer over to each lift and because of her long femurs we have really been pushing a wide stance. People have labeled her as one of the weaker athletes, but consider her 370# deadlift as proof of this not being an accurate assessment. Therefore, in this so called off season we are really trying to focus on putting Margaux in better positions so she doesn’t get jammed or pinned due to her limb size.

Some goals we are shooting for this year are

Squat 300

Deadlift 400

Bench 200

Snatch 200

Clean n Jerk 250

all attainable and because of this you might have noticed a lot more attention if you follow her daily program, to squatting and weightlifting over the month. We still are committed to our hierarchy of training, and nothing else has changed, therefore take caution if you are following and listen to your body. Prehab is really important and ROMWOD has helped a lot.  


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