Community Programming Aug 3rd

Here’s a whole look at a full day of training 

10 wallball every 30 sec x 5 minutes

mobilize one hour include 12 ring rows + 1 legless rope climb and 1 rope climb x 4 rounds in this time

10 snatch 165/115 for time rest 2 min then 8 snatch 185/125

continue with 2 min rest and doing 6/4/2 increasing weights beteween sets as able

10 clean for time start 155 increase as able each set rest 2 min between sets 8/6/4/2

rest as needed

6×2 deadlift snatch from 2 inch defecit, with 2 sec pause below the knee

rest as needed

amrap 5 minutes strict hspu

25 ghd sit ups + 10 muscle ups x2 rounds

rest 5 minutes then

25 ghd sit ups + 25 pull ups x 2 rounds rest 2 min

2k row for time

accessory 30 ghd hip extensions + 5 defecit strict hspu + max weighted strict pull ups + 25 free standing shoulder taps x 4 rounds nft


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