Community Programming Aug 1

1000m row chill pace then 20 sec all out 40 sec chill x 5 min

mobilize one hour include 12 ring rows + 2 rope climb in this time

muscle snatch 6×3

snatch 6×2 as heavy as possible minimiize misses

rest as needed 

6×2 front squat with tempo 3 sec down 1 sec pause explode out 

rest as needed 

21 cal row + max toes to bar unrbroken + 15 cal row + max toes to bar unbroken + 9 cal row + max toes to bar unbroken

your score is A) time to finish B) max reps performed

rest as needed 

30 ghd hip extensions + 30 hollow rocks + 1 min accumulate free standing hold x 4 min

For more in depth view of Margaux’s full day follow here here


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